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Role Model


Do you love community service and want an additional opportunity to win a National Title?

Then our national Role Model title is for you!  At National United States we celebrate involvement in your community through service, volunteering, promoting your personal platform, and promoting our national motto "Crowns Making An Impact". 


For an additional entry fee, national contestants can enter for a second chance to win a national title.


Our Role Model national winner is awarded the same beautiful national crown, double rhinestone embroidered national sash, and national prize package as our national divisional winners and spend the year continuing their service as part of our National Royalty.

Role Model Entry Fee: $195

If you win your division's national title, the Role Model national title will be awarded to the next contestant, who has entered the Role Model optional competition.  Role Model is judged by a separate panel of judges from the overall competition for the divisional national titles and is based on a separate criteria that focuses on community service.

Role Model
Areas of Competition

  • Community Service Introduction & On-stage Question

  • Community Service Resume

  • Community Service with your NUS State Title

       (submitted via the pageant's Community Service & Appearance Submission                   Form)

  • Digital Scrapbook of Community Service

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