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Required Competitions

Contestants will compete in four required areas of competition: Interview, Fun Fashion, Evening Gown, and Community Service.  More information about each required area of competition will be included in the National Contestant Handbook.


50% of Overall Score

A three minute one on one interview with each judge.  Interview is the opportunity for judges to get know each contestant and why they should be the next national winner.  The interview is to be fun and engaging for contestants to show their personality one on one with each judge.  Questions are not hard (after all they are about you) and will come from your Interview Sheet submitted prior to the National Pageant.

No current events, religious, or political questions will be asked.


20% of Overall Score

Show off your individual sense of style and rock the stage in this upbeat phase of competition.  High-low, cocktail, romper, jumpsuit, etc.  Denim jeans and casual wear is not permitted.


20% of Overall Score

The most elegant phase of competition.  Each contestant will wear a floor length gown of their choice that is age appropriate to their division.  Our younger divisions are encouraged to have a full skirt or ball gown style dress.


10% of Overall Score

The National United States Pageant prides itself with a focus on community service and volunteering through our motto Crowns Making An Impact™.  Each contestant is required to submit a minimum of 5 community service projects/activities that benefit a local, area, or state/national non-profit organization to receive the full 10% towards your overall score.  Community service will be submitted via a submission form, along with photos actively showing your service work – collecting items, volunteering, making a donation (must be donating items), etc.

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