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Miss Jr. High    United States!

My name is Cheyanne Buhrts, I am your Miss Jr. High United States 2022. I attend Musselman Middle School where I am in the 8th grade. My hobbies include cheerleading, choir, 4H, kayaking and horseback riding. My platform is Helping Peers, Help Others and my personal campaign is Knotheads. (I teach my peers to loom hats, scarves and blankets to donate to those who need them).  Knotheads was started as a result of me being bullied and losing two siblings due to medical reasons.

During my reign I plan to have my platform heard throughout the United States encouraging my peers to become more involved in their communities through community service. I also want to promote the National Service Project pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. Fun Fact- I've collected over 200,000 pop tabs since 2021. Along with my platform I’ll be promoting the National United States platform, Crown CARES. Crown CARES is to promote positivity in youth not only in the pageant world but throughout your daily life, to always be fair, kind, courageous, respectful, responsible, and compassionate. Crown CARES promotes inclusion and positive social behavior.

My experience with the NUS pageant system has been wonderful, I love it so much I’ve competed twice and will definitely be back again. It has brought me many friendships, confidence, and the sisterhood is AMAZING! I want to encourage young ladies to join the NUS system. You will have amazing experiences, opportunities and support throughout your year of service. NUS promotes personal growth and gives you a microphone to have your voice and platform heard to help others. Our director is always available to provide information and help as you need it. Not to mention you are spoiled with lots of love from our national staff. I look forward to meeting many of you throughout my year of service and hope to see you at Nationals in 2023.

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