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Miss High School    United States!

Hey guys it’s Izzy! For those who don’t know me this has been my signature phrase for as long as I can remember. For everyone else my name is Isabella Boardwine and I’m a 17 year old senior at Glenvar High School in Salem, Virginia. From the moment you walk through the doors of my school you truly feel welcome. Glenvar is like no other featuring a very beautiful private felt campus located in the Blue Ridge mountains. Around here, we call it Highlander Heaven. There’s nothing like the feel of a Friday night football game under the stadium lights on our beautiful turf field. You hear the roar of the fans including family, friends, and alumni; the beat of the band; the excitement exploding from the student section; and the powerful voice of my favorite football coach, Clifford commanding his team. If all this doesn’t already sound perfect enough, then you hear the cheerleaders and I’m lucky enough to be one of them. I’ve been cheering on the Varsity squad since my freshman year and this is my thirteenth year cheering in total. This is my favorite place to be and my time to shine. It doesn’t matter if I’m cheering on the football field, on the basketball court, or competing on the mat I eat, sleep, and breathe cheer. Some incredible accomplishments I’ve earned include Captain, All American, first team All-Region and first team All-State. After high school I hope to be given the opportunity to cheer at a university that makes me feel as much at home as my high school does. When I’m not cheering you will find me coaching. This is my second year as a cheer coach for the Junior rec squad. I enjoy teaching the younger kids so much. It makes me happy when I can help them learn and grow in their sport. This is my favorite form of community service and I aspire to be a good role model by practicing patience and kindness. One of the reasons I fell in love with the National United States Scholarship Pageant is because of Crown Cares, creating a respectful environment in schools. Their cause goes hand in hand with one of my platforms of anti-bullying. As an advocate for Crown Cares my goal is to promote positivity and inclusivity in as many schools that I can reach. My other platform is promoting Type 1 Diabetes awareness where I enjoy partnering with JDRF. Both of my platforms are very dear to my heart and by following my journey you will learn why they are so important to me. I’m incredibly excited to share my experiences with you throughout my reign as Miss High School United States!

Hugs, Isabella

“Be someone’s biggest cheerleader!”

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