The Ambassador of Change Award is recognize an outstanding contestant in each division for their dedication to their personal platform and community service involvement.  Platform and community service can be anything you have done over the past 5 years.  Submissions can be from any work you have done to promote your platform and community service, whether it's with a previous title or what you have done with your current title for National United States.  The judges will be looking at the overall work you have done that make you an "Ambassador of Change".

Each contestant that enters the Ambassador of Change Award will submit a binder at registration that shows their community service and platform work through photos, letters, certificates, etc.  A packet with more specific information will be sent to you after you submit your award form and award entry fee.

There is an additional fee to enter for the Ambassador of Change Award.  Fee: $100

Judging for the Ambassador of Change Award at Nationals will be a different panel from the required competition and will have no bearing on the final results of the National titles crowned on stage.  It is possible to be double crowned both Ambassador and the National title.

Elementary, Jr. High, High School, and Collegiate Ambassador of Change Award winners will receive:

  • Ambassador Crown and Sash

  • Ambassador of Change Award

  • Cash Scholarship*

  • Photo featured in Ambassador of Change Award promotion

* Must have 3 or more entries in the division to award a scholarship and scholarship amount is determined by number of entries in each division.